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Lewis Thomas

- Technical

I'm the man

Lewis Thomas

More about Lewis

I've workede in and around computers foer about 6 years,and as a video game enthusiast,it benefits my hobbies and personal interests to know how to fix my main platforms.I spent my spare time reading,practicing drawing or just wasting the day away on one of my consoles. Never been oner for parties,always been the the type to prefer a quiet night in front of the telly watching a film,and I tend to keep to myself most of the time.


Favourite films:Transformers,Star Wars ,Shrek...gotta love the green ogre.

Favourite Books:Graphic novels,Manga,some comics,Dark Elf trilogy. 3 Books,one anthalogy,nearly 1000 pages...worth it!

Hobbies:Gaming,predominatly PC Games,though I own most consoles.Working on personal projects and reading

Current Favourite titles:Final Fantasy XIV: A  Realm Reborn ,Assassins Creed,Smite 

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